About us:

Trilogi Bag came from a lightbulb moment.

Ever left your bag at your table in the security of your friends on a night out?

Only to realise you then need something from your bag and get very frustrated that you had not taken it when you whilst you chat to another friend across the room?

This was me and the point where I had an epiphany, what if I could clip my bag to my waistband instead of leaving it perched somewhere? Trilogi was born. 


At first I wanted to just have a bag with rear clip to go on my skirt or trousers to keep my hands free whilst out and about but then came the thought that would I want one of them in multiple colours to go with different outfits (because I have varied colour wardrobe – don’t we all?). What if I could make the covers changeable to match my outfits then it would make life even simpler. I would have one completely versatile clutch.

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