What is TRILOGI BAG all about?

I often have the ‘so what?’ response when I tell people I have designed a new Bag. Well let me first tell a little about how Trilogi came from an idea into a new product.

I was on a night out with my girlfriends and we are bar flies, not moving very far and resting our handbags in front of us with our drinks to be able to chat and so on….

Anyway, when I spotted another friend across the bar and left my circle to say hello leaving my handbag on the bar. Now, whilst my friends were around security wasn’t too much of a problem but whilst chatting I realised I needed something from my bag and I got very frustrated that I had not taken it and then I had an epiphany, what if I could clip my bag to my waistband instead of leaving perched somewhere? Trilogi was born. 

At first I wanted to just have a bag with rear clip to go on my skirt or trousers and then came the thought that would I want one of them in multiple colours to go with different outfits (because I have varied colour wardrobe – don’t we all?). Because I was designing the bag from scratch I thought what if I could make the covers changeable to match my outfits then it would make life even simpler. I would have one completely versatile clutch.

During the design process I explored a number of different options for how to make the bag but I was very clear from the outset that it needed to be sturdy and I definitely didn’t want to use plastic, so how do you make a strong small box without using plastic to keep costs low?

Well after working with some product developers from The University of Sheffield it became possible to make the bag from aluminium. This keeps the bag light but will be recyclable at the end of its use. Perfect!

The Trilogi Bag design was complete, now onto manufacture……..

For your chance to get the Trilogi Bag with an exclusive Limited Edition cover register on our launch list now: http://bit.ly/trilogilaunch  

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